Note on the teamwork

It’s been a week since my last series of exams finished. It’s been always struggling for me to get all the grades high, but there is something about it I learnt long ago – and finally mastered it to certain extent this time around. Being a solo player is a huge waste of time in the fields where there is no way to be the most knowledgeable about everything. Trying to do everything on my own was a crucial mistake back when I studied maths some years ago. My current studies include so many different directions and fields – cooperating with other students became essential and more than that – it is the most time efficient studying method. In a month I am going to talk to new students and answer their questions – and there is one thing I need to make sure they get from me. Not only self-discipline is important but also active teamwork. As much now, just as much in the future career. This meme was part of my motivation behind it. All key factors are fundamentally simple. 

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