Learning Chinese #1 with 9mm8 – Aim High [Mandarin Part]

On the one side I love Chinese language, on the other side I love music – combining both leads to these occasional posts where I will dig through the lyrics of some Mandarin songs and write down new vocabulary (but not too many). I will use simplified characters and add translated lyrics myself or from other resources.  

Lyrics (Mandarin part only)


All eyes on me

But I’m gonna make my ma proud
我相信她知道 她知道

不要别人来 教我怎么做

New vocabulary

旋律 xuánlǜ – melody, rhythm
回荡 huídàng – to echo, to resound, to reverberate
甩 shuǎi – to throw, to fling, to swing, to leave behind, to throw off, to dump (sb)
假想 jiǎxiǎng – to imagine, imagination
抑或 yìhuò – or
敌 dí – enemy, foe
分清 fēnqīng – to distinguish
固执 gùzhí – stubborn, obstinate
无可救药 wúkě-jiùyào – incurable, incorrigible, hopeless
言喻 yányù – to describe, to put into words
牵动 qiāndòng – to affect, to produce a change in sth

Translation by Jocelle Koh from Asian Pop Weekly

I don’t want to wait any longer
My voice is my own
I want to sing loudly
Let the melody echo around the world

Shake off all the imaginary ideas
Or an imaginary enemy
Those doubts
All eyes on me
Allow people to not see themselves clearly

Imperfections allow me to be proud
Stubborn like no other
But I’m gonna make my ma proud
I’m sure she knows she knows

Don’t need other people to teach me how to do it
Just keep on going, don’t stop
A strength that’s unspeakable
Pushes me forward

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