Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #3 【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Link to manhwa inside.

Chapter #4

仰望 yǎng wàng – to look up at, to look up to sb hopefully
不知不觉 bù zhī bù jué – unconsciously, unwittingly
预测 yù cè – to calculate, to predict, to forecast
胜负 shèng fù – victory or defeat, the outcome of a battle
奇迹 qí jì – miracle, wonder, marvel
悬殊 xuán shū – widely different, large disparity
浓度 nóng dù – concentration, density, consistency
不可思议 bù kě sī yì – unimaginable, inconceivable, unfathomable
对抗 duì kàng – to withstand, to resist, to stand off, confrontation
战斗 zhàn dòu – to fight, to engage in combat, struggle, battle
饥饿 jī è – starvation, hunger, famine
抵抗 dǐ kàng – to resist, resistance
吞 tūn – to swallow, to take
趁 chèn – to take advantage of, to avail oneself of
防备 fáng bèi – to guard against
沉 chén – to sink, to drop, to lower, to submerge, to immerse
准确 zhǔn què – accurate, exact, precise
舌头 shé tou – tongue
刺穿 cì chuān – to pierce through, to skewer, to impale
对准 duì zhǔn – to point at, to target, to aim at
昏迷 hūn mí – to be in a coma, stupor, coma, stunned, disoriented, to lose consciousness
一阵子 yī zhèn zi – a while, a spell, a short time, a burst
注定 zhù dìng – to be doomed to, to be bound to, to be destined to, inevitably, to foreordain
意气用事 yì qì yòng shì – to let emotions affect one’s decisions
不妙 bù miào – not too encouraging, far from good, anything but reassuring
极限 jí xiàn – limit, extreme boundary
充分 chōng fèn – full, ample, abundant, to the full, as fully as possible
救援 jiù yuán – to save, to support, to help, to assist, to rescue
愣 lèng – to look distracted, to stare blankly, unexpectedly
僵 jiāng – stiff, deadlock, rigid, numb, strained
献出 xiàn chū – to devote, to offer, to give, to sacrifice
训练 xùn liàn – to train, training, to drill
建立 jiàn lì – to establish, to found, to set up
恐惧 kǒng jù – fearful, scared, dread, to be frightened
克服 kè fú – overcome, to endure, to put up with, to conquer
悄无声息 qiǎo wú shēng xī – quietly, noiselessly

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