Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #4 【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Links and lists all inside.

Chapter #5

Statistics & every new vocabulary from 神之塔

拔 bá – to pull up, to pull out, to select, to pick
精良 jīng liáng – excellent, superior, of the best quality
一旦 yī dàn – in case, if, once, in a short time, when
除非 chú fēi – only if, only when, only in the case that, unless
当事人 dāng shì rén – persons involved or implicated
否则 fǒu zé – otherwise, or else, else, if not
振作 zhèn zuò – bestir oneself, to pull oneself together, to cheer up, to stimulate, to uplift
精神 jīng shén – spirit, mind, consciousness, thought, vitality, essence
何况 hé kuàng – let alone, to say nothing of, besides, what’s more
凭 píng – to lean against, to rely on, on the basis of, proof
掌控 zhǎng kòng – to control, in control of
预感 yù gǎn – premonition, presentiment, have forebodings
吸引 xī yǐn – to attract
诱人 yòu rén – alluring, fascinating, captivating, enchanting
耀眼 yào yǎn – dazzle, dazzling
撒 sā – to let go, to cast, to give expression to
谎 huǎng – lies, to lie
果真 guǒ zhēn – really, as expected, sure enough, if indeed, if it’s really
滚 gǔn – to boil, to roll, to take a hike, get lost!
性别 xìng bié – gender, sex
歧视 qí shì – discrimination, to discriminate
不对头 bú duì tóu – in disagreement, at odds, not right, incorrect, wrong, abnormal, queer
混蛋 hún dàn – scoundrel, bastard, hoodlum, wretch, blackguard
职责 zhí zé – duty, obligation, responsibility
驱逐 qū zhú – drive out, expel, banish, banishment, to deport
姑娘 gū niang – girl, young woman, young lady, daughter
揪 jiū – to grab firmly and pull, to seize, to clutch
长相 zhǎng xiàng – looks, features, appearance, profile
常识 cháng shí – common sense, general knowledge
蛊惑 gǔ huò – to poison, to bewitch, to put a spell on sb, to harm by witchcraft
不顾 bù gù – in spite of, regardless of, never think of, never care
当初 dāng chū – originally, at that time, at the outset, in the first place
装模做样 zhuāng mó zuò yàng – to put on an act (idiom)
禁止 jìn zhǐ – to prohibit, to ban, to forbid
任性 rèn xìng – wilful, self-willed, headstrong, wayward, unruly
妄为 wàng wéi – to take rash action, act recklessly or wildly
种族 zhǒng zú – race, ethnicity
地狱 dì yù – hell, inferno, underworld

Characters vs. English:
伊凡科尔 – Evankhell

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