Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #5 【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way.

Chapter #6

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

厌恶 yàn wù – to loathe, to hate, to be disgusted with sth
殴打 ōu dǎ – to beat up
麦克风 mài kè fēng – microphone
相应 xiāng yìng – to correspond, relevant, accordingly, appropriate
详细 xiáng xì – in detail, detailed
首轮 shǒu lún – first round
筋骨 jīn gǔ – muscles and bones, physique, strength, courage
此处 cǐ chù – this place, here
手段 shǒu duàn – method, means, strategy, trick
不详 bù xiáng – not in detail, not quite clear
透过 tòu guò – to pass through, to penetrate, by means of
凄冷 qī lěng – dreary, desolate, miserable, cold, frigid
传达 chuán dá – to pass on, to convey, to relay, to transmit, transmission
血腥 xuè xīng – reeking of blood, bloody (events)
叫喊 jiào hǎn – to shout, to yell, to howl, exclamation
白费 bái fèi – to waste
残杀 cán shā – to massacre, to slaughter
废话 fèi huà – nonsense, rubbish, superfluous words
除掉 chú diào – to get rid of, to eliminate, kill, except
支配 zhī pèi – to control, to dominate, to allocate
制定 zhì dìng – to draw up, to formulate
貌似 mào sì – to appear to be, to seem if

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