Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #8 【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #9

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

剥 bāo – to peel, to skin, to shell, to shuck
嚼 jiáo – to chew, to munch
计时 jì shí – to measure time, to time
淘汰 táo tài – to wash out, elimination, natural selection, to knock out, to die out
喘 chuǎn – to gasp, breathe heavily, gasp for breath, asthma
简而言之 jiǎn ér yán zhī – in brief, in short, to put in a nutshell
未能 wèi néng – fail to, unable to, cannot
分明 fēn míng – clearly, evidently, obviously, be clear, be distinct, be unmistakable
目的 mù dì – purpose, aim, goal, objective, end, target
冠军 guàn jūn – champion
化解 huà jiě – to resolve, to dissolve, to defuse, to neutralize, to dispel, to iron out
握手言和 wò shǒu yán hè – to shake hands and make peace, end in draw, tie
暂停 zàn tíng – to suspend, time-out, to pause
提议 tí yì – to propose, to suggest, to move, proposal, motion, suggestion
捕获 bǔ huò – to catch, to capture, to seize
恶劣 è liè – odious, abominable, disgusting
胆量 dǎn liàng – courage, boldness, guts
蠢货 chǔn huò – blockhead, idiot, dunce, moron, fool
拖 tuō – to pull, to drag, to haul, to delay, to drag on, to procrastinate
协商 xié shāng – to consult, to talk things over, agreement
火大 huǒ dà – to get mad, to be very angry
干脆 gān cuì – clear-cut, straightforward, frank, simply, just, altogether
交锋 jiāo fēng – to clash, to cross swords, to confront, to engage in a battle or contest
火气 huǒ qì – anger, temper, vigour, energy, internal heat
强调 qiáng diào – to emphasize, to stress
接触 jiē chù – to touch, to contact
承认 chéng rèn – to admit, to acknowledge, to recognize
场所 chǎng suǒ – place, arena

Characters vs. English:
什伊树 – Shibisu
哈驰 – Hatz
阿娜克 – Anak

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