Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #10 【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #11

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

赌 dǔ – to bet, to gamble
雀斑 què bān – freckle
担任 dān rèn – to take charge of, to serve as, to assume office of, to hold governmental post
吵吵嚷嚷 chǎo chǎo rǎng rǎng – to make an unnecessary racket
歇 xiē – to rest, to take a break, to stop, to halt
吹 chuī – to blow, to blast, to boast, to puff, to brag, to end in failure, to fall through
没戏 méi xì – not a chance, hopeless, no way
预告 yù gào – to forecast, to predict, advance notice
藐视 miǎo shì – to look down upon, to despise
枕头 zhěn tou – pillow
撕烂 sī làn – to tear up, to tear to pieces
违背 wéi bèi – to violate, to go against, to be contrary to
法则 fǎ zé – law, code, rule
大致 dà zhì – more or less, roughly, approximately
显示 xiǎn shì – to show, to illustrate, to display, to demonstrate
才华 cái huá – talent
获得 huò dé – to obtain, to receive, to get
例外 lì wài – exception, to be an exception
未经 wèi jīng – not having undergone, without (having gone through a certain process)
微不足道 wēi bù zú dào – insignificant, negligible
不像话 bù xiàng huà – unreasonable, shocking, outrageous, inappropriate
听腻了 tīng nì le – fed up of hearing
病殃殃 bìng yāng – look listless and sick
慈悲 cí bēi – mercy, benevolence, pity

Characters vs. English:
洛雷 – Laure

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