Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #11 【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #12

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

限界 xiàn jiè – boundary limit
传闻 chuán wén – hearsay, rumour, talk, it is said, they say
创造 chuàng zào – create, produce, bring about, creation, innovation
设置 shè zhì – set up, establish, put up, install
品尝 pǐn cháng – to taste, sample, savour
拼命 pīn mìng – to do one’s utmost, at all costs, with all one’s might, as if one’s life depends on it
抛弃 pāo qì – to abandon, to discard, to renounce, to dump (sb)
老婆 lǎo pó – wife
展示 zhǎn shì – to reveal, to display, to show, to exhibit sth
不得不 bù dé bù – have no choice (or option) but to, cannot but, have to, can’t avoid, can’t help it
终止 zhōng zhǐ – to stop, to terminate, to end, to expire
趁势 chèn shì – seize an opportunity, take advantage of a favourable situation
突破 tū pò – to breakthrough
顶端 dǐng duān – summit, peak, apex
指示 zhǐ shì – to point out, to indicate, to instruct
东张西望 dōng zhāng xī wàng – gaze around, look in every direction, to glance around
显而易见 xiǎn ér yì jiàn – obviously, evidently, clearly, it goes without saying
闪亮 shǎn liàng – brilliant, shiny, sparkling, glittering, a flare, to glisten, to twinkle
传说 chuán shuō – legend, folk tale, pass from mouth to mouth
浮云 fú yún – floating clouds, something trivial or unimportant, meaningless
要命 yào mìng – to cause sb’s death, very, extremely, frightening, annoying
线索 xiàn suǒ – clue, lead, thread, trail
截止 jié zhǐ – to end, to close, to stop, to put a stop to sth, deadline, cut-off point
惊叫 jīng jiào – cry out in fear, scream
率 lǜ – rate, proportion, ratio
苦恼 kǔ nǎo – vexed, worried, tormented, afflicted, distressed
瞪 dèng – to stare at, to glare at, to open eyes wide
提示 tí shì – point out, prompt, suggestion, tip, reminder, notice, to suggest
推理 tuī lǐ – to infer, to reason, to deduce, reasoning, inference
隔离 gé lí – to keep apart, to isolate, to separate, to segregate
暗示 àn shì – to hint, to suggest, suggestion, hint
荧光 yíng guāng – fluorescence, fluorescent light
证明 zhèng míng – certificate, identification, testimonial, to prove, to testify, to bear out
假设 jiǎ shè – hypothesis, to suppose, to assume, to presume, to make up

Characters vs. English:
柳寒城 – Yu Han Sung

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