Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #12 【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #13

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

选拔 xuǎn bá – to select the best
势 shì – power, influence, potential, momentum, situation, trend, conditions, appearance, gesture, sign
流放 liú fàng – banishment, exile
浑身 hún shēn – whole body, from head to foot, all over
鸡皮疙瘩 jī pí gē da – goosebumps
家族 jiā zú – clan, family
斗争 dòu zhēng – a struggle, fight, battle
铭记 míng jì – to engrave in one’s memory
丝毫 sī háo – the slightest amount, a bit, a particle, a shred, an iota
闪失 shǎn shī – mishap, accident
活路 huó lù – way out, way to survive, through road
甄别 zhēn bié – to screen, to discriminate, screening of the applicants, to reexamine a case
总监 zǒng jiān – head, director, commissioner, inspector-general
扇 shàn – measure word for doors, windows
若 ruò – as if, like, to seem
欺诈 qī zhà – cheat, swindle
无可奈何 wú kě nài hé – have no way out, be utterly helpless, have no alternative
限制 xiàn zhì – restriction, limit, confinement, to limit, to restrict, to confine
忽悠 hū you – to flicker, to coax, to play tricks on, to swindle, to exaggerate, to overstate
剩余 shèng yú – remainder, surplus
慎重 shèn zhòng – cautious, careful, prudent
崽子 zǎi zǐ – whelp, bastard
瞎蒙 xiā mēng – to make a wild guess, luck

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