Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #13【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #14

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

反正 fǎn zhèng – anyway, in any case
黄疸 huáng dǎn – jaundice
评价 píng jià – to evaluate, to assess
权力斗争 quán lì dòu zhēng – power struggle
确认 què rèn – to confirm, to affirm, to acknowledge, to verify
认定 rèn dìng – to firmly believe, to maintain, to hold, to set one’s mind on
毫无 háo wú – not in the least, to completely lack
顾忌 gù jì – to have misgivings, apprehension, worry, qualm, scruple
告别 gào bié – to leave, to bid farewell, to say good-bye to
部下 bù xià – troops under one’s command, subordinate
预知 yù zhī – to foresee, to anticipate
迎接 yíng jiē – to meet, to welcome, to greet
附体 fù tǐ – (of spirit or deity) to possess sb
撕碎 sī suì – to tear to shreds
睡眠 shuì mián – sleep, to sleep
仔细 zǐ xì – careful, attentive, cautious
观察 guān chá – to observe, to watch, to survey, to examine
解读 jiě dú – to decipher, to decode, to interpret
所谓 suǒ wèi – so-called, what is called
否定 fǒu dìng – to negate, to deny, to reject, negative (answer), negation
单纯 dān chún – simple, pure, unsophisticated, merely, purely
拯救 zhěng jiù – to save, to rescue
厌烦 yàn fán – be sick of, be fed up with, be tired of, bored
洗耳恭听 xǐ ěr gōng tīng – listen with respectful attention
毫不犹豫 háo bù yóu yù – without the least hesitation
毒 dú – poison, to poison, poisonous, malicious, cruel, fierce, narcotics
鉴别 jiàn bié – to differentiate, to distinguish
速溶咖啡 sù róng kā fēi – instant coffee
等候 děng hòu – to wait, to wait for

Characters vs. English:
坎佐 – Kancho

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