Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #14【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #15

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

止境 zhǐ jìng – limit, boundary, end
淡而无味 dàn ér wú wèi – tasteless, insipid
刺激 cì jī – to provoke, to irritate, to upset, to stimulate, to excite, irritant
生存 shēng cún – to exist, to survive
难以置信 nán yǐ zhì xìn – hard to believe, incredible
覆没 fù mò – annihilated, capsized, fall into enemy hands
身份 shēn fèn – identity, status, rank, capacity, dignity, position
偏偏 piān piān – wilfully, insistently, persistently, contrary to expectations, only, alone
察觉 chá jué – become aware (or conscious) of, perceive, sense
无疑 wú yí – beyond doubt, undoubtedly
善事 shàn shì – good deeds
清心寡欲 qīng xīn guǎ yù – to be pure of heart and have few desires
法子 fǎ zi – method, way
遵命 zūn mìng – to follow your orders, to do as you bid
通话 tōng huà – to converse
连接 lián jiē – to link, to join
预想 yù xiǎng – to anticipate, to except, to preconceive, preconception
关照 guān zhào – to take care, to keep an eye on, to look after, to tell, to remind
队伍 duì wǔ – ranks, troops, queue, line, procession
上升 shàng shēng – to rise, to go up, to ascend
奖励 jiǎng lì – to reward, reward (as encouragement)
遗憾 yí hàn – to be sorry that, to regret
不利 bù lì – unfavourable, harmful, disadvantageous, detrimental
获胜 huò shèng – victorious, to win, to triumph
权限 quán xiàn – scope of authority, extent of power, (access etc) privileges
犀利 xī lì – sharp, incisive, penetrating
难得 nán dé – seldom, rare, hard to come by
王冠 wáng guān – crown
具体 jù tǐ – concrete, specific, definite
依照 yī zhào – according to, in light of
争抢 zhēng qiǎng – to scramble for, to fight over
比拼 bǐ pīn – to compete fiercely, contest
按钮 àn niǔ – push button
回避 huí bì – to shun, to avoid, to skirt, to evade, to step back, to withdraw,
参考 cān kǎo – to refer, consultation, reference, to consult
仍然 réng rán – still, as before, yet
属于 shǔ yú – to be classified as, to belong to, to be part of
岂不 qǐ bù – how couldn’t…?, wouldn’t it…?
风险 fēng xiǎn – risk, hazard
说明书 shuō míng shū – directions, manual, instructions
倒计时 dào jì shí – to count down, countdown
观望 guān wàng – to wait and see, to watch from the sidelines, to look around, to survey

Characters vs. English:
坤特 – Quant

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