Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #16【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #17

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

重申 chóng shēn – to reaffirm, to reiterate, to restate
按键 àn jiàn – key, button, to press a button
万幸 wàn xìng – very lucky, by sheer luck
比不上 bǐ bù shàng – can’t compare with, no match for
次元 cì yuán – dimension (loanword, from Japanese)
估计 gū jì – to estimate, to appraise, to reckon, to seem, to look as if
对付 duì fu – deal with, cope with, counter, tackle, to get by with
减半 jiǎn bàn – to reduce by half, to halve
硬要 yìng yào – to insist on doing, to firmly set on doing sth, determined in one’s course action
烦恼 fán nǎo – vexed, worried
守护 shǒu hù – to guard, to defend, to take care of (patients, the wounded, etc)
剑 jiàn – sword, sabre, rapier
信任 xìn rèn – to trust, to have confidence in
泪流满面 lèi liú mǎn miàn – tears stream down one’s cheeks
搭档 dā dàng – to cooperate, to work together, partner
组合 zǔ hé – association, combination, to make up, to compose, to constitute
摘 zhāi – to take, to pick, to borrow, to pluck, to select, to remove, to take off
窝火 wō huǒ – filled with anger
小瞧 xiǎo qiáo – look down upon, underestimate
摩擦 mó cā – friction, rubbing, chafing, conflict, disharmony
搞砸 gǎo zá – to mess sth up, to foul up, to spoil
帅气 shuài qi – smart, elegant, handsome, dashing
光明正大 guāng míng zhèng dà – just and honourable, open and aboveboard, honest
决胜负 jué shèng fù – a tie-break, to determine the winner
从天儿降 cóng tiān ér jiàng – to drop from the sky, to appear unexpectedly, descend from heaven, swoop down
把戏 bǎ xì – acrobatics, jugglery, cheap trick, game
挡住 dǎng zhù – to obstruct
迎战 yíng zhàn – to meet the enemy head-on
极其 jí qí – extremely, most, exceedingly
没品 méi pǐn – lacking in class, tacky, tasteless
闲工夫 xián gōng fū – spare time, leisure
刻薄 kè bó – unkind, harsh, sarcastic, mean, cutting
一见钟情 yī jiàn zhōng qíng – fall in love at first sight
错觉 cuò jué – illusion, misconception, wrong impression
挑衅 tiǎo xìn – to provoke, provocation
默契 mò qì – mutual understanding, well coordinated, tight, connected at a deep level
性命 xìng mìng – life

Characters vs. English:
克劳克 – Clocker
西奥多 – Deod

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