Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #23【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #25
Chapter #26

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

激烈 jī liè – intense, heated, fierce, acute
格外 gé wài – especially, particularly, all the more, additionally
留意 liú yì – to be mindful, to pay attention to, to take note of, to keep one’s eyes open
半斤八两 bàn jīn bā liǎng – not much to choose between the two
省事 shěng shì – save trouble, simplify matters, convenient, handy
紧身 jǐn shēn – skintight
盯 dīng – to fix one’s eyes on, gaze at, stare at
脾气 pí qi – temperament, disposition, character, bad temper
扑腾 pū teng – flop, flutter, thud
一路货色 yī lù huò sè – the same sort of stuff, one of a kind, birds of a feather
要不然 yào bù rán – otherwise, or else, or
花样 huā yàng – pattern, trick, way of doing sth, fancy-style
执着 zhí zhuó – to be strongly attached to, persistent, persevering, to be dedicated, to cling to
碎 suì – to break to pieces, to smash, broken, fragmentary
面具 miàn jù – mask, covering for the face, facade
扁 biǎn – flat, (coll.) to beat someone up
算盘 suàn pán – abacus, calculation, plan, scheme
到此为止 dào cǐ wéi zhǐ – to end here, to stop at this point, to call it a day
惩罚 chéng fá – penalty, punishment, to punish
岔路 chà lù – fork in the road, branch road, byroad, side road
棘手 jí shǒu – thorny, troublesome, knotty, intractable
灯台 dēng tái – lampstand
悄悄 qiāo qiāo – quietly, on the quiet, secretly, stealthily, quiet, worried
打仗 dǎ zhàng – to go to war, fight a battle, make war
处理 chǔ lǐ – to handle, deal with, process
雌 cí – female
顶住 dǐng zhù – to withstand, to stand up to
压力 yā lì – pressure
概念 gài niàn – concept, conception, notion, idea

Characters vs. English:
安德罗西 – Endorsi
克鲁丹 – Kurdan

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