Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #26【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #29

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

硕大 shuò dà – big, huge, massive
阻挡 zǔ dǎng – to stop, to resist, to obstruct
来临 lái lín – to approach, to come closer
勉强 miǎn qiǎng – to force to do sth, to do with difficulty, reluctant, barely enough
吞吞吐吐 tūn tūn tǔ tǔ – to hum and haw, mutter and mumble, hesitate in speech
斗志昂扬 dòu zhì áng yáng – have a high morale, be full of fight, having high fighting spirit
若干 ruò gān – a certain number or amount, how many, how much
核心 hé xīn – nucleus, core, kernel
丧失 sàng shī – to lose, to forfeit
长矛 cháng máo – pike, spear, lance
长枪 cháng qiāng – spear, pike
击毙 jī bì – shoot dead
掌握 zhǎng wò – to grasp, to master, to know well, to control, to seize, fluency
传递 chuán dì – to transmit, to deliver, to transfer
灯台御守 dēng tái yù shǒu – light bearer (class in ToG)
紧密 jǐn mì – inseparable close, close together, rapid and intense
动态 dòng tài – movement, motion, development, trends, behaviour, dynamic state
辅助 fǔ zhù – to assist, supplementary, auxiliary, subsidiary
搜索 sōu suǒ – to search, to scout
培训 péi xùn – training, to train, to cultivate, to groom
优异 yōu yì – exceptional, outstanding, exceedingly good
猫腻 māo nì – something fishy, shenanigans
计较 jì jiào – to bother about, to haggle over, to fuss about, to argue, to dispute, to think over
出席 chū xí – to be present, to attend
缺席 quē xí – to absent, absence
延迟 yán chí – to delay, to defer, to postpone, to procrastinate
过失 guò shī – error, fault, slip, mistake, negligence
处罚 chǔ fá – to punish, to penalize
日程 rì chéng – schedule, programme, itinerary
擦伤 cā shāng – burn, scratch
制服 zhì fú – uniform
塞牙缝 sāi yá fèng – barely enough to fill a tooth gap, very sparse and extremely little
人气 rén qì – popularity, character, personality

Characters vs. English:
布拉鲁斯 – Blarouge
恶灵 – Ghost
玄胜 – Hyun Seoung
阿列克谢·阿米哥夏慈 – Alexay Amigocharz
埃里克·毕温 – Erik Biyon
君 – Guun
彼兹鲁 – Pitzru
伊诺雅·幽蓝 – Inoa Yoran
米歇尔·莱特 – Michelle Light
利伦 3 – Leeron 3
青青 – Chungchung
莱宾 – Levin
八见 – Palgyeon
奇奇 – Chichi
贝克斯特 – Beckster
花莲 – Hwaryun
罗杰阿尔 – Lozeal
克雷 – Grey

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