Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #35【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #42
Chapter #43

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

滑轮 huá lún – pulley, block
控制 kòng zhì – to control, to command, to manipulate
绳子 shéng zi – cord, rope, string
调节 tiáo jié – to regulate, to adjust
料到 liào dào – to foresee, to expect, to anticipate
宝库 bǎo kù – treasure-house
拖累 tuō lěi – to encumber, to be a burden on
一塌糊涂 yī tā hú tu – muddled and completely collapsing, in a complete mess, in an awful state
泄气 xiè qì – to be discouraged, to lose heart, be disheartened, disappointing
婆婆妈妈 pó po mā mā – like an old woman, fussy, slow, sentimental, mawkish, maudlin
自责 zì zé – to blame oneself, reproach oneself
评判 píng pàn – to judge, to appraise, pass judgement on
背叛 bèi pàn – to betray, to forsake
忽视 hū shì – to ignore, to overlook, to neglect
卸下 xiè xià – to unload
沉重 chén zhòng – heavy, serious, critical
狡猾 jiǎo huá – sly, crafty, cunning, tricky
偏见 piān jiàn – prejudice, bias
放肆 fàng sì – unbridled, wanton

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