Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #36【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #44
Chapter #45

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

浮现 fú xiàn – to come before one’s eyes, to appear, to emerge, it occurs
急躁 jí zào – irritable, irascible, impetuous, rash, impatient
焦躁 jiāo zào – fretful, impatient
叫嚷 jiào rǎng – to shout, to howl
成天 chéng tiān – all day long, all the time
集体 jí tǐ – collective, joint, a team
废物 fèi wù – rubbish, waste, good-for-nothing
荒唐 huāng táng – absurd, fantastic, dissipated, loose, intemperate
靠谱 kào pǔ – reliable, reasonable, probable
替罪羊 tì zuì yáng – scapegoat
祈祷 qí dǎo – to pray, prayer
冤枉 yuān wang – wrongful treatment, treat unjustly, wrong, not worthwhile
雄心勃勃 xióng xīn bó bó – very ambitious, puffed with ambitions, aggressive and grand
怨恨 yuàn hèn – resentment, grudge, enmity, to loathe
奋力 fèn lì – to spare no effort, do all one can
踮脚 diǎn jiǎo – to stand on tiptoe
闷闷不乐 mèn mèn bù lè – feel depressed, look blue, sulky, moody, unhappy
培养 péi yǎng – to cultivate, to breed, to foster, to nurture, to educate, to groom
痛恨 tòng hèn – hate bitterly, utterly detest, loathe, to abhor
豪华 háo huá – luxurious
享用 xiǎng yòng – to enjoy
跪 guì – to kneel
硬邦邦 yìng bāng bāng – very hard
死囚 sǐ qiú – convict sentenced to death
善变 shàn biàn – be apt to change, be changeable

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