Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #38【神之塔】

Going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way. Let’s learn Mandarin while following the adventures of Bam.

Chapter #48
Chapter #49

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

以防万一 yǐ fáng wàn yī – prepared for any eventualities, just in case, to guard against the unexpected
肩膀 jiān bǎng – shoulder
代替 dài tì – to replace, to substitute for, to take the place of
脖子 bó zi – neck
争夺 zhēng duó – fight over, to contest
悠闲 yōu xián – leisurely and carefree
陷阱 xiàn jǐng – pitfall, pit, trap, snare
俘虏 fú lǔ – captive
人质 rén zhì – hostage
千载难逢 qiān zǎi nán féng – extremely rare, once in a blue moon
保佑 bǎo yòu – bless and protect, blessing
擒获 qín huò – to catch, to capture, to arrest
眨眼 zhǎ yǎn – to blink, to wink
无所谓 wú suǒ wèi – not to matter, be indifferent, not care, not deserve the name of
流淌 liú tǎng – (of liquid) to flow
模仿 mó fǎng – to imitate, to copy, to model oneself on

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