Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #49【神之塔】 1st SEASON FINAL

I was going to read through the whole manhwa, at the very least the first season, and document new (for me) vocabularies on the way – and now this is the final of the story. Probably looking forward to continuing this after taking some short break from it. Was a fun journey with 1250 vocabulary in the last 3 months!

Chapter #76
Chapter #77
Chapter #78
Chapter #79
Chapter #80

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

打捞 dǎ lāo – to salvage, to dredge, to fish out
过意不去 guò yì bù qù – to feel apologetic, to feel sorry, to feel very apologetic
抛下 pāo xià – to throw down, to abandon, to dump
阻碍 zǔ ài – to hinder, to block, to impede, hindrance, obstruction
主人公 zhǔ rén gōng – hero, main protagonist
妖精 yāo jing – evil spirit, demon, alluring woman
冲向 chōng xiàng – to charge into
怪兽 guài shòu – rare animal, monster
交易 jiāo yì – transaction, business deal
细微 xì wēi – tiny, minute, fine, subtle
引路 yǐn lù – lead the way, approach road
厚爱 hòu ài – your kind thought, your kindness
指引 zhǐ yǐn – to point the way, to guide, to show
领情 lǐng qíng – feel grateful to sb, appreciate the kindness
称赞 chēng zàn – to praise, to acclaim, to commend
戒指 jiè zhi – finger ring
赠送 zèng sòng – to give as a present, present as a gift
白头偕老 bái tóu xié lǎo – until death do us apart, remain a devoted couple to the end
裁 cái – to cut, to reduce, to trim, to diminish
负责 fù zé – to be in charge of, to take responsibility for, to be to blame
程序 chéng xù – procedures, order, sequence
惨 cǎn – miserable, tragic, cruel, brutal, merciless
宫殿 gōng diàn – palace
敬礼 jìng lǐ – to salute,, to give a salute
排场 pái chang – show of extravagance, ostentation
偶然 ǒu rán – incidentally, occasional, by chance
病病殃殃 bìng bing yāng yāng – fragile health, seriously ill
顶梁柱 dǐng liáng zhù – backbone, pillar
狂热 kuáng rè – fanatical, feverish, zealotry
魄力 pò lì – courage, daring and resolute
糖浆 táng jiāng – syrup

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