Reading ‘Tower of God’ in Chinese #50【神之塔】

I am back to reading Tower of God, now in the second season which is much longer, and I expect it to be even more fun, let’s see what happens to Bam now, after he got betrayed by Rachel in the most cruel fashion at the end of the first season.

Chapter #81

Learning statistics & full list of vocabulary

高昂 gāo áng – high, expensive, elated, to hold high (one’s head)
费用 fèi yòng – expenses, cost
吞噬 tūn shì – to swallow, to gobble up, to engulf
贷款 dài kuǎn – loan, credit
支持 zhī chí – to be in favor, to sustain, to hold out, to bear, to support, to back
积分 jī fēn – accumulated points, total credits
兑换 duì huàn – exchange, convert
待遇 dài yù – treatment, pay, salary, status, rank
众多 zhòng duō – numerous
通往 tōng wǎng – to lead to
独木桥 dú mù qiáo – single-plank bridge, difficult path
认证 rèn zhèng – to legalize, to attest, to certify, to authenticate
火焰喷射器 huǒ yàn pēn shè qì – flamethrower
喷火 pēn huǒ – to shoot flames, to erupt (of volcanoes)
代理 dài lǐ – to act on behalf of sb, to act as agent
客户 kè hù – customer, client
催命 cuī mìng – to press sb to death, to pressurize sb continually
顾客 gù kè – client, customer
苗条 miáo tiao – (of a woman) slender, slim
骨头架子 gǔ tou jià zi – skeleton, very skinny person, a mere skeleton
券 quàn – certificate, ticket, voucher
强制 qiáng zhì – to enforce, enforcement
优劣 yōu liè – good and bad, merits and drawbacks
气势 qì shì – imposing manner, momentum, energetic looks, vigor, grandeur
统统 tǒng tǒng – all, entirely, completely, totally

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