Favorite Music of 2020

Took me some time to finally publish that. It is the fourth time in a row that I conduct such list and never before I felt this proud about my lineup, I feel every single entry here is a great album and it would be a shame if it gets excluded, and I still shortened initial list by a lot. I will list every album with the spotify link attached to it!

Mokyo – Accent Fried

Tabber – Deep End Mix Tape

Aseul – Slow Dance

Sega Bodega – Salvador

Hyukoh – Through Love

Arca – Kick I

Jan and Naomi – Yes

Ohyung – Protector

UZA – Banality of Evil

Leah Dou – GSG Mixtape

QQBBG – Magic Legacy

I’m Gold – When Our Summer Meets

Masiwei – Prince Charming

Onthedal – °C Dal

Sik-K – Headliner

Moonsomoon – Red Eyes

Shygirl – Alias

Swervy – Undercover Angel

Dosii – Echo

Yaeji – What We Drew

Oklou – Galore

Shelhiel – Superstrobe

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