Instagram-based voluntary project. Initally launched with an idea of reviewing pairs of homophones in Chinese; as well as practicing the application of correct tones in the spoken language. Later as we were growing, we expanded into a Chinese learning page with gradually expanding range of learning objectives.
Launched on 7th September 2020 and run by Dainis Schiballo 戴炘 ever since.

We are a group of university students who work on @mengmandarin in their spare time – we do not gain any profit from this project. You can supports us by donating via paypal.

mengfourth@gmail.com or schiballo@gmail.com for inquiries

Diary #0

2020.05.13 – First draft of the MengFourth project
2020.09.07 – Instagram launch day
2020.10.05 – Reached 100 followers
2020.12.19 – Published 100 posts
2021.02.04 – Reached 1000 followers
2021.03.22 – Renamed from MengFourth to MengMandarin
2021.04.26 – Announcement of the red panda Meng Meng – new talisman and logo
2021.11.15 – Partnership with Super Chinese App
2021.11.17 – Reached 10000 followers